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Things to look for in your Lanolin Cosmetics

Too much and too little lanolin in a skin care product can be problematic

  • Lanolin has a very long shelf live, but ensure your cosmetic has an expiry date (usually 3 years)

  • Lanolin has a distinctive smell that many find unpleasant. Most cosmetics will put a fragrance to mask this. If your lanolin cosmetic is fragrance free, then you should be able to smell the lanolin (something akin to wet wool)

  • If a product claims lanolin content and it doesn't have fragrance it typically indicates an inadequate content of lanolin.

  • Too much lanolin in a cosmetic can be problematic as pure lanolin is a semi hard pure grease and would be unpleasant to use directly on skin, like applying grease to yourself. This is why cosmetic companies add ingredients to help it transfer to your skin in an easy a pleasant way

  • Not enough lanolin in a cosmetic can be a problem so as not to get all the benefits of lanolin

  • Make sure all your lanolin Cosmetic contain ingredients that are approved for use in cosmetics

  • Make sure your product is a cosmetic grade lanolin. There are different grades of Lanolin and make sure your preferred product is. This lanolin purification process removes impurities and purifies it to a standard to be used on human skin.

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