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Lanolin & Animal Welfare

Unlike other animal derived cosmetic ingredients the sheep does not need to be harmed to extract the ingredient. For example to extract Emu Oil, Fish Oil etc the animal is killed.


Sheep are not harmed in the process of cutting their wool during summer – it is akin to us having a haircut. It is from this trimmed wool that lanolin is extracted.


Sheep need to have their wool removed once a year to keep them happy, and healthy.

The lanolin in the wool helps to protect the sheep against harsh weather, as it is waterproof and deodorising. Although Lanolin does come from an animal, it is, in fact, cruelty-free, as it is only extracted from the sheep wool once it has been sheared.

So lanolin can be obtained in a completely cruelty-free process.

Scientific Facts:

Lanolin is derived from the sheep sebaceous gland. The raw material isolated from sheep’s wool is also called Adeps lanae, wool wax, wool fat or wool grease.

Lanolin aids sheep in shedding water from their coats.

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